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  • 14-Days-Testing of our HV power supply EVO
  • Review 8th International Particle Accelerator Conference in Copenhagen
  • Review Automotive Testing Expo 2017 in Stuttgart
  • News of the production of our HV power supply series EVO



November 2016: Heinzinger presents with great success the new high voltage power supplies series Evo at electronica fair, Munich.
The visitors of the fair experienced the world premiere of the new HV power supplies at the Heinzinger booth and were delighted.
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At electronica: The new Heinzinger Power Supplies Catalog is avaliable now. Includes detailed information about Test Bench Energy Systems for Automotive application and power supplies for Magnet applications.




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New Micro-Sites Online
Our enlarged product range und the accordant product competence enables new Micro Sites for this products.
From now on you will find Heinzinger products for "Automotive Test Systems of Hybrid and Electro (EV) Vehicles", for "Alternative Energy" and for High Voltage Power Supplies also if you follow this links:
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50 Years Heinzinger, the Catalogue for the Anniversary
Heinzinger is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year! In this 2009 anniversary year, we will surpise you 
with new products, promotions and events. As a first "herold" the new Heinzinger catalogue is available now!
On more then 110 pages, you will find information on our reliable precision power supplies and you will be inspired by innovative new products, such  as high-performance power supplies with integrated energy recovery.
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GEN-Series up to 15kW:
Now the GEN series power supplies is also be available in 2.4, 5, 10 and 15kW power categories. On 2 & 3 HU, the power supplies offer all the advantages of the 750/1500/3300 W units such as integrated digital and analog interfaces and extensive adjustment possibilities.


High performance DC power units with energy recovery

Heinzinger provides high precision DC power units for applications in the area of battery substitute. Over the years, these power units are advancing more and more in test beds of hybrid motors as well as electrical components of the future in the automotive and supplier industry. The power units can then be equipped with energy recovery, which makes a significant contribution to cost reduction when operating. Heinzinger accommodates for these requirements with the new PTNer unit series. The devices, as doubly stabilised, linearly-regulated power units, satisfy surpassing demands in terms of precision and stability. With these high precision power units, precision classes between 0.001% and 0.01% are achieved. The devices are combined with the "Heinzinger energy recovery" system for energy recovery. Particular attention is paid to realising the changeover between power unit and energy recovery operation with these new power units capable of energy recovery. In order to enable an automatic test process, special intelligence on the part of the power unit is necessary. For this, the power unit system independently recognises which operational state the connected "consumer" is in. The important thing here is whether the "consumer" is requiring or recovering energy. This detection takes place rapidly and with a minimum tolerance threshold.

There are now four devices series available as HighPrecision Version (hp): The unit series will be presented to the expert public at the elctronica 2006. The devices of the hp series are available in the low-voltage range as PTNhp and in the high-voltage range as further developments of the reliable PNC and PHN unit series as PNChp and PHNhp. For lesser output the HNCEhp are available.
Devices in High Precision

New High Voltage Power Supplies:
Heinzinger MRC series, 2.1 kW high voltage power supplies in various voltage ratings up to 100,000 V. The power supplies act as multi-resonance converters. This technology allows a highly compact unit design and pricing which also permits employment of the high voltage power supplies in price sensitive applications.

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Evo - The Evolution in High Voltage



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