Capacitor charging unit

Power units adjusted for the special features as capacitor charging unit. Based on our reliable high-voltage power units of the PNC series we offer the capacitor charging units of the PNCcap series. The capacitor charging units are available in various voltage ranges and for various current strengths. In the scope of functions and regulatory behaviour always adapted to the respective capacitors and the loading process. These types are also available as OEM versions.


High voltage capacitor charging power supply

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  • high voltage capacitor charging unit
  • for capacitor charging and conditioning
  • output voltage up to 60.000 Volt
  • charging capacity up to 3.000 J/s
  • stability < 0,01% over 8h
  • regelbare Ladespannung über Zehngang-Potentiometer
  • setting of charging current with ten-turn potentiometerr
  • 3.5-digit digital displays for voltage
    and current, analogue displays on request
  • analog interface
  • continuous or triggered charge mode can be selected
  • start charging with external signal possible

iconPNCcap-datasheet (PDF)

Examples for customised solutions and OEM products of Capacitor Charger:

PNCcap modul/wall mount PNCcap open frame PNCcap cassette

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