Magnet Power Supplies

The power supply units of the Heinzinger PCU series are optimised for use as power supplies for magnets. The power supplies provide high-precision DC voltage with excellent current stability and extremely low ripple.These units are available in the typical voltage categories as power supplies for magnetic applications and make use of a modular design. Various currents between 100A and 340A are available for each power supply. In applications requiring more power, the power supplies can be used in master/slave mode in parallel. The switching power supply technology in use makes them extremely efficient. Pole reversal via polarity-switching-unit optionaly.

For high power magnet applications (like Dipole-magnets) we can offer PTN3p-series power supplies, tuned to the application "magnet power supply".


Dipole, Quadrupole, Steerer, Corrector Magnet Power Supplies, Magnet-Stromversorgungen, Power Supplies for Accelerator, Netzgeräte für Beschleuniger


High Precision Power Supplies for Magnet Applications

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  • Extremly precise power supply for magnets
  • Modular system, parallel operation to increase output power possible
  • Zero-Voltage-Switching Technology
  • Maximum accuracy and stability (<10ppm/8h)
  • Temperature coefficient <10ppm 
  • Optimum ratio between power density/accuracy
  • DCCT current measurement
  • Programmable current ramp function
  • 2-part LCD display with text indicator
  • Analog (0...10V) and digital interface (RS422)
  • Controller configuration/load balancing possible
  • Last setting memory
  • Air colling (optional water cooling)
  • Trigger input for measurements signals
  • Output short-circuit and open-circuit proof
  • Pole-reversal unit for switching polarity optional
  • Various voltage/current combinations
  • Customer-specific variants

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Examples of PCU magnet power supplies with various output power:


PTN3p / PTNhp - Series

Double-stabilised linear control low-voltage power supplies

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  • Double-stabilised linear control power supply with high precision
  • output current up to 5.000 Ampere
  • output voltage up to 600 Volt
    (for higher voltage see PHN series)
  • residual ripple < 0,01% pp, (up to 0,001% as PTNhp)
  • stability < 0,01% over 8h
  • setting of output voltage with ten-turn potentiometer
  • setting of output current with ten-turn potentiometer
  • 3.5-digit digital displays for voltage
    and current, analogue displays on request
  • analog interface
  • digital interface avalible as option
  • ustained short-circuit resistant
  • sense-connection
  • 19" rack on columns or casters
  • customized versions are possible, e.g. for 2-quadrants operation

iconPTN3p-datasheet (PDF)

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