In addition to the analogue interface, which is a standard feature on almost all devices, various digital interfaces are available for all power units. Either for installation as a plug-in card or as an external interface adapter. Ask us about interface solutions that are not listed here.

Analogue interfaces

Analogue interface 0...10V, with and without potential separation

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  • Built into nearly all Heinzinger power units as a standard feature, allows for easy remote control of the devices
  • Potential-separated version available as an option
  • Nominal value specification for voltage and current
  • Monitor signal for voltage and current
  • External "stand-by" (depends on device)
  • Further functions possible, depends on power unit type
  • 10 V reference voltage available for external switching
  • 15-pin. Sub-D-socket, counterplug included with delivery

iconSchnittstellenbelegung Standardgeräte (PDF)

Digital interfaces

RS232, RS485, IEEE488 (GPIB), 12bit oder 16bit

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  • Available as plug-in card for many Heinzinger power units
  • Combined interface RS232/RS485 (device option 72I/76I))
  • Combined interface RS232/RS485 (device option 72I/76I))
  • Resolution 12bit (option 72) or 16bit (option 76), also for devices with highest precision
  • Makes it possible to set voltages & currents and read out the voltage & current values
  • External "stand-by" (depends on device)
  • Reading out the regulation status (depends on device)
  • Further functions, depends on power unit type
  • Special functions and customised signals possible
  • Version with beam waveguide adapter (insulation by beam waveguide) available upon request

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External digital interface

Eco-Bus, digital Interface RS232,IEEE488

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  • External interface adapter, makes possible the digital control of all power units with 0...10V analogue interface
  • Available as combined RS232/IEEE488 interface (other versions available upon request)
  • Voltage and current programming and reading
  • Supports the standard functions of the analogue interface, additional functions possible depending on the device
  • Makes retrofitting with digital control easily possible, also for older power units that feature an analogue interface

iconDatasheet (PDF)

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