Systems / OEM solutions

Based on our standard power units we offer systems and customised products in form of OEM solutions. These products are developed in close cooperation with our customers and are tuned to the respective application. Several examples can be found here.

High performance power supplies with integrated "Heinzinger Energy Recovery"

PTNer series (Energy Recovery), e.g. for hybrid test bed

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  • Robust power unit based on the PTN3p series with "Heinzinger Energy Recovery"
  • Integrated energy recovery that converts energy returning from the consumer back into network voltage and is fed back into the supply network
  • Very good dynamic behaviour
  • Minimal threshold between power units and energy recovery mode with intelligent detection of the operating mode of the consumer
  • Comprehensive digital and analogue control methods
  • Power unit function with integrated option "Battery characteristic curves" for recreating the behaviour of a battery
  • Suited for non-stop operation, extremely reliable
  • Modular design
  • Galvanic separation of the consumer in energy recovery mode
  • Power unit available in water-cooled version

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System solutions high-voltage

HV system with raised low-voltage power unit

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  • High-voltage complete system, consisting of:

    - 2 x HV power unit 20kV
    - 2 x High-voltage resistor
    - Low-voltage power units, insulated constructed and raised to high-voltage potential
    - HV separation transformer

  • Insulated control elements
  • External control by beam waveguide
  • Various versions are possible based on our high- and low-voltage power units
  • Completely assembled, e.g. in 19" cabinet

OEM solutions

Examples of customer-specific version as OEM solutions

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Electronic high-performance loads

TEL series

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  • Electronic precision DC load according to the principle of the current sink
  • In connection with Heinzinger power unit as combination source/sink (energy recovery see PTNer)
  • Different modes of regulation, customised, possible:
    - Current regulated, load works as constant current sink (current is kept constant independent from the voltage)
    - Voltage regulated, input voltage is kept constant by the variable load of the source, nominal voltage is specified. The load always adjust the current that ensures the exact regulation of the nominal voltage (sense mode possible)
    - Resistance regulated, selectively with resistance-linear regulation or voltage-linear resistance regulation
  • Comprehensive digital and analogue control methods
  • Also available in water-cooled version

DC rectifier unit

OEM solution power2DRIVE

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  • Rectifier unit for supplying DC drives (operating mode: partially controlled three-phase bridge)
  • Regulated output voltage
  • Adjustable chopper application threshold
  • Brake chopper connection
  • Undervoltage and overvoltage monitoring
  • Extensive external control and evaluation possibilities
  • Power components mounted on cooling/mounting plate made of copper, prepared for "coldplate" assembly
  • Stainless steel housing with detachable control electronics for easer handling during installation

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High-speed high-voltage switch & ARC detection

OEM solution "SparkDAC"

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  • High-speed high-voltage switch
  • HV flashover detection by beam waveguide
  • Detecting and signalling of HV flashovers in μ-sec range
  • Switching off the voltage and shorting the consumer within few μ-sec
  • Time delayed switching on again possible
  • Extensive setting and evaluation possibilities
  • For connecting Heinzinger high-voltage power units
  • For many load types and various switching capacities or voltages
  • Customer-specific versions, tuned to the application

    iconDatasheet (PDF)

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