In addition to precise power units you will also find high-voltage cables and HV plug connectors in our production program. The cable and high-voltage plugs are available from stock for voltages up to 200kV. We can provide for even greater voltages. We can gladly inform you on the possibilities.

For accessories for our power units we also offer various digital interfaces as plug-in cards or as external devices. Further options on the devices can be found in the respective device description in the data sheet.

High-voltage cable

HVC10, HVC30, HVC65, HVC100

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  • High-voltage cable for nominal DC voltage 10kV (HVC10), 30kV (HVC30), 65kV (HVC65), 100kV (HVC100) and 200kV (HVC200), for higher voltages upon request
  • Screened lines, inner lines as wires
  • Especially developed and tested for DC high-voltage applications (For AC applications upon request)
  • Red cable sheath with signal effect
  • Also available ready-made with pre-assembled HV plug

icondatasheet (PDF)

High-voltage plug

HVS10, HVS35, HVS65, HVS100

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  • High-voltage plug for voltages up to 10kV (HVS10), 35kV (HVS35), 65kV (HVS65) and 100kV (HVS100). Higher voltages upon request
  • Simple and secure cable attachment
  • Tested for DC high voltage
  • Designed for use of Heinzinger high-voltage cable

icondatasheet (PDF)

High-voltage sockets

HVB10, HVB35, HVB65, HVB100

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  • High-voltage installation sockets for voltages up to 10kV (HVB10), 35kV (HVB35), 65kV (HVB65) and 100kV (HVB100). Higher voltages upon request
  • For use with Heinzinger high-voltage plugs
  • Tested for DC high voltage
  • Voltage-stable with air-insulated or encapsulated assembly depending on model

icondatasheet (PDF)

Digital interfaces

  • Digital interfaces for installation or as external device
  • RS232/RS485 or RS232/IEEE488 (GPIB), other versions available upon request
  • 12bit or 16bit resolution
  • Comprehensive control methods for the power units

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