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Heinzinger has for nearly 50 years concentrated on the development and production of high-precision and technically high-quality power units. Our customers appreciate the precision and reliability of our devices as well as our service and our competence.

A qualified team of specialists works in Rosenheim on solutions in the area of precision high-current and high-voltage power units for applications all over the world. Our customers are concentrated in industry; various research and development areas are included as well. All renown research institutions are supplied with highly precise power supplies.

At the same time Heinzinger produces in Rosenheim not only power supplies in the "normal" output range, but also offers devices of very high capacities and very high voltages. Heinzinger® power units can be found in precision ranges that are most difficult for other manufacturers to realise, but are increasingly in demand by customers. Especially the outstanding endurance stability and the low residual ripple make many applications possible that cannot be realised like that by other power unit technologies.

Backed by the slogan "Heinzinger supplies your world", Heinzinger electronic offers standard power supplies as well as power units that are customised to the customer applications. All Heinzinger® devices distinguish themselves by their reliability also under extreme conditions. That is why high-technology corporations rely on the application of Heinzinger® power supplies in production, quality assurance, maintenance and so forth and employ the devices in non-stop operation.

A broad spectrum of various standard power units for currents up to >5,000 Ampere or for voltages up to >300,000 Volt form the basis for a device program with highly precise and application-oriented power units. Based on these standard types we also manufacture customer-specific power supplies, tuned to the respective application. In case a modification of the standard devices is not sufficient, we will develop and project OEM power supply solutions in coordination with our customers; oriented on the diverse requirements and applicable in various areas.

In addition to the devices, service for our products takes a prominent position within our business range. Service has priority therefore and is seen as a natural component of our products. That is why we provide the proper service not only for new devices, but also for all Heinzinger® power units produced in the last decades. Upon request we will take care of the manufacturer calibration for all our power units in regular intervals and sign maintenance contracts with our customers for routine inspections. These tasks are carried out in our test labs or on-site at the customer. Our service team travels around the world in order to ensure the high reliability and the precision of the Heinzinger® devices, even under the most adverse ambient conditions and during non-stop application.

® Heinzinger is a Registered Trade Mark of Heinzinger electronic GmbH

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