DC/DC converter test for automotive and electromobility

Efficiency under the microscope - how much power is lost?

The energy system technologies used in modern electronic components for automotive and electromobility face extreme challenges, as the energy efficiency of these systems has a considerable impact on the range of battery-powered vehicles. The DC/DC converter test is used to test an important system block for power conversion and output. This is because the DC/DC converter provides direct current power from one potential to another, for example that of a fuel cell for the HV vehicle battery. Typically, the DC/DC converter test is used to check efficiency for automotive and e-mobility applications, which has a direct effect on the service life and later availability.

DC/DC converter test makes the ratio of output and input power visible

The two-channel ERS system enables simple and energy-efficient DC/DC converter testing. The efficiency of the converter is the ratio between the output power and the input power. For the DC/DC converter test, one channel of the ERS system is used as a voltage source or battery simulation.

The other channel is configured as a load in the DC/DC converter test and set to draw current via the sink. By recording the measured values for the input voltage/current and output voltage/current, the efficiency of the DC/DC converter can be determined at different operating points. Thanks to the ERS systems’ conceptual design, the DC/DC converter test can be performed directly via the output channels’ internal interim circuit. Only the power loss must then be supplied via the mains connection. A high investment for the mains connection is not required and the device’s mains power can be minimized accordingly.

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