For testing electronic components, a bidirectional power supply is the ideal solution in the automotive industry

Solve complex tests and testing problems reliably and economically

The requirements in the automotive and electromobility sector and the high pressure of competition make it essential in practice to handle tasks particularly economically, quickly and realistically. A bidirectional power supply is especially efficient and safe for testing electronic components in the automotive and electromobility sectors.

Get high operating costs under control with a bidirectional power supply

At first glance, testing electronic components for automobiles and electromobility, such as cables, relays or fuses, seems simple. But to test a component under current flow, the current must be consumed by a load. For example, testing electronic components can easily result in high electricity costs. A bidirectional power supply is the ideal solution in the automotive and electromobility sector for getting these costs under control. This is because the bidirectional power supply is a two-channel system and allows the power used to test electronic components to be fed back into the grid - thus keeping power loss to a minimum. The bidirectional power supply from Heinzinger electronic for automotive and electromobility fulfills these criteria. A wide range of current, voltage and power classes covers a multitude of applications. The bidirectional power supply is therefore particularly flexible and offers great investment security.

Testing of electronic components for automotive and electromobility using the example of relays

To test relays, a customer's test specimen must be switched at a voltage of 500V and a current of 150A. The Heinzinger solution for automobile and electric mobility: The ERS-Compact bidirectional power supply is connected to several devices in parallel. One group works as a source, the other group as a sink, to feed the energy back into the grid. The modular concept of the ERS-Compact allows an energy-saving solution to be implemented. A further advantage is the system’s flexibility for testing electronic components in the automotive and electromobility sector: The customer has the option to add more channels to his system or to increase the performance of the individual channels at any time. Due to the master-slave concept, the bidirectional power supply with several devices appears like a closed unit. For testing electronic components, both groups can be controlled simultaneously and very easily via remote control using the multi-control software.

Bidirectional power supply goes mobile

In practice, it is often the case that the bidirectional power supply is not needed on a test bench permanently for testing electronic components. The ERS-Compact power supply unit from Heinzinger therefore brings movement to the testing of electronic components: The compact design and the air-cooled concept allow mobile units with up to approx. 100kW of power. Thus, the test specimen can be moved together with the bidirectional power supply across the entire test field to the corresponding test stations. We will be happy to advise you on the choice of a bidirectional power supply for testing electronic components in the automotive and electromobility sector. Call us on +49 8031 2458 0 or send an e-mail to info(at)heinzinger(dot)de


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