Industry relies on long-term stability and long service lives

Sophisticated equipment series for numerous industrial applications

In industrial environments, power supplies primarily need to deliver reliable long-term stability and a long service life, even in harsh conditions or at high temperatures inside the control cabinet. This is why numerous industrial customers are already relying on Heinzinger, for example in mechanical and plant engineering, medical technology, or for monitoring systems. The structures of switching cabinets and systems used in industry are becoming increasingly compact, while the demands in terms of the precision power supplies’ reliability and efficiency are growing.

 The equipment series from Heinzinger offer a range of options for industrial applications and can be adapted to any requirement

Heinzinger has therefore specialized in power supplies that are optimized for industry: A low weight and compact dimensions go hand in hand with overload protection, safeguarding against short circuits and universal interfaces.

One partner for a wide range of different sectors

Many industrial companies operate across a broad field and have grown their business with very different areas of specialism. They supply the medical technology sector as well as telecommunications or electrical engineering, for example. For these industrial companies, it is important to have a partner with a broad portfolio of products that covers their various applications. The equipment series from Heinzinger offer a range of options for industrial applications and can be adapted to any requirement. Your task decides which precision power unit best suits your needs.

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