[Translate to English:] Ausgangsspannung bis 10.000 V up to 10,000 V
Output voltage
[Translate to English:] Ausgangsstrom bis 2.000 mA up to 2,000 mA
Output current
[Translate to English:]   0,01 % 0.01 %
[Translate to English:] kompakte Bauform Kompakt
compact format



  • output voltage classes:
    0... 1.5kV DC
    0... 5kV DC
    0... 10kV DC
  • power: 3kW or 2kW
  • currents from 0.2 to 2 ampere
  • fully digital regulation
  • usable as 19" or desktop chassis, with integrated adapter for desk applications
  • 2U, compact (11.5 kg)
  • Universal AC input, single-phase
  • Ethernet and RS232 interfaces
  • SCPI command set
  • predictive fan control
  • output polarity reversible electrically
  • ramp control, as an option
  • Arc Detection, as an option
  • free software update for one year after purchase

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High voltage power supplies of the EVO series are the new generation of DC power supplies

Simple handling is combined with speed and high precision

The new high voltage power supplies of the EVO series offer quick control at high precision. They are particularly comfortable to operate. Their compact build needs only 2HE, which is extraordinary for their power density of 2kW and 3kW. A microcontroller, combined with an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) permits particularly precise control. This makes complete and digital control of the EVO power supplies possible. FPGAs are used in high-voltage power supplies since they permit quick signal processing and flexible adaptation to various load requirements. supplies of the EVO series are optimal for many different user demands. High performance without losing any speed or control precision characterizes the EVO high-voltage power supplies. The polarity of the high voltage output can be electrically reversed depending on whether a positive or a negative high voltage is needed.

Simple operating elements make the supply intuitive to use

An optimized user interface ensures safe and simple handling of the high-voltage power supplies without needing any instructions. The interface between the operator and the machine, called the Human-Machine Interface (HMI), can be improved by optimizing system ergonomics. The EVO high voltage power supplies have a colored 3.5" TFT-display that can be read particularly well. With it, the status of the high-voltage power supplies can be checked at any time. Because the operating elements designed for intuitive use and the menus are structured logically, employees no longer need to be instructed by others. This saves both time and resources. Intervention in running processes and parameter adjustments are thus made easy and comfortable. The high voltage power supplies also contain a detailed event memory that will answer status queries immediately, provide time tags and collect data for analysis. This way, all operating processes can be tracked and system damage can be avoided. The different menu levels can be protected with passwords to prevent unauthorized changes to the EVO HV power supply and its load in accordance with the specific application at hand.

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Playing it safe: The EVO series offers protection
High voltage power supplies should offer sufficient protection in three areas at once in use:

  • Protection of the operator
  • Protection of the test equipment
  • Protection of the high-voltage power supplies

Therefore, EVO high voltage power supplies are equipped with interlock and I/O contacts as well as with overvoltage and overcurrent protection. Safety is further improved by threshold and limit functions and the option of protecting operating areas with passwords.

Are you looking for high-voltage power supplies with simple handling and high precision? Call +49 8031 2458 0! We will gladly explain the function of our EVO series to you on the phone. Alternatively, you may request information documents by emailing info(at)heinzinger(dot)de

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