[Translate to English:] Ausgangsstrom up to 40 A
Output current
[Translate to English:] Ausgangsspannung up to 60,000 V
Output voltage
[Translate to English:] Präzision bis 0,1 % 0.001 %
Precision 0.001 %
[Translate to English:] höchste Zuverlässigkeit Reliability
highest reliability
  • Output voltage up to 30,000 Volts (for voltages up to 600 Volt, please refer to the PTN product line)
  • Output currents up to >40 Amperes
  • Low ripple and maximum stability achieved through a linear transistor control circuit (PHNhp product line down to 0.001 %)
  • Negative polarity (HV output negative to ground), positive polarity or floating output optionally
  • Suitable for resistive, inductive and capacitive loads
  • Continuous short circuit proof
  • Automatic transition from voltage to current source mode
  • Setup of the output by means of a 10-turn potentiometer, separately for voltage and current
  • Remote controllable and expandable by means of the optional analog or digital interface
  • 19" rack or racks on columns (for rack casters on request)
  • Customized versions are possible
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High-voltage power supplies PHN & PHY with high output for use in research and development

The output is decisive for use in electron beam generation or X-ray tube setups

Industrial applications and research projects often require high outputs as well as high direct voltages. The PHN and PHY series by Heinzinger cover high-voltage DC power supplies with high outputs that can provide currents exceeding 40 A in permanent operation while maintaining high accuracy and a low residual ripple. The phase angle control by thyristor reliably compensates for mains and load fluctuations even during the pre-regulation phase. The supplies of the PHN series with downstream linear transistor controller offer an even higher precision.

The high-voltage power supplies with high output are particularly suitable for the following applications:

  • Tube supply
  • Inverter production
  • X-ray tubes
  • Undersea cable station
  • Electron gun
  • Electron beam welding
  • Electron beam heating
  • Converter test
  • Basic research
  • Particle experiments
  • Production processes
  • Chemical processes
  • Semiconductor test
  • Semiconductor production
  • Photovoltaic energy
  • Wind energy
  • Laboratory
  • Electron-beam coating

The PHY series of thyristor-controlled high-voltage power supplies with high outputs

The high-voltage power supplies with high output from the Heinzinger PHY series reach accuracies of 0.1 percent and less. They are used primarily where reliable operation must be ensured for years, for example in particle accelerators, X-ray tubes or basic research and high-tech applications. Their many options render the supplies flexible and permit electrical as well as mechanical adjustment to every individual application. Customer-specific high-voltage power supplies with high output can be produced if necessary.

Doubly-stabilized high-voltage power supplies with high outputs for a reproducibility of up to <0.001%

Very good long-term stability and reliable reproducibility characterize the high-voltage power supplies with high outputs of the PHN (100ppm class) and PHNhp (10ppm class) series. Because they are stable and reliable even in long-term use, they are used primarily in the high-tech area. Neither industrial environments with difficult ambience conditions nor a variation of the load conditions can impair the function of these high-voltage power supplies.

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