New Corporate Design

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What were the reasons for the re-design?

Heinzinger electronic GmbH already exists since 1959. Due to the former takeover into the Knürr Group, the management buy-out in 2002 and the self-reliance thus regained, the Heinzinger brand already has several re-designs behind it. Heinzinger electronic has grown a lot in recent years. The new corporate design and the new logo should underline the change and growth of Heinzinger. We consciously eliminated old components and now rely on a young, emotional and eye-catching brand image with the help of our agency.

For this reason, we chose a corporate design that visualizes our field of activity (figurative mark), at the same time appears contemporary, and highlights our innovative strength. In addition, the slogan "High Voltage - Smart Solutions" consciously focused on the core competences of "high voltage" and "solutions".

The design of the new word mark looks less fragmented and focuses on the colors and image that are being used from now. The brand appearance should be clearly emotionalized.

What we want to achieve with the new design:
1. A consistent, modern look across all channels
2. More emotionality through the use of images
3. Not forget our identity, but strengthen it with the new appearance and brand image.

Who are you addressing with the new corporate design? Who are your target groups?

We often serve very heterogeneous B2B target groups. These include engineers, technicians and buyers from very different industries such as automotive, research and industry. Our technically affine target group requires detailed product information. It is important that buyers and other, usually less technically interested stakeholders find their way around quickly and understand what Heinzinger electronic and our products can do for them.

Our goal is to connect our target groups and provide information and inspiration for both sides.

Does the relaunch also affect the brand architecture?

Since 2002, brand communication has been increasingly developed via the products. As a consequence, the corporate identity lost its profile. For this reason, we are strengthening sender communication with various communication measures, such as our new website, which is now more focused on information and content rather than product-related. We are also working to renew our corporate communications.

In the following months, work will be intensified on sharpening the Heinzinger electronic brand - both externally and internally.
The sharpening and further development should clarify our orientation towards our customers, partners and applicants. It is part of our strategic growth program to position ourselves as a technology leader and among the top ten global market leaders for DC high voltage power supplies.

Which corporate design elements are new?

In addition to the re-design of our logo and colors, we have also developed our own imagery for our image communication. Now we focus on subjects that represent our industries and highlight the values ​​that make our company special: passion, precision and know-how. Our appearance should be clearly emotionalized. The black and yellow warning bark continues to position us as an industrial company.