Four new trainees start their professional careers at Heinzinger electronic

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At the start of the new apprenticeship year, four young trainees strengthen the team at Heinzinger electronic GmbH.

Jakob Eisenreich, Sascha Momberg and Kilian Härtling begin their professional careers as budding electronics technicians for devices and systems. Regina Mangels is trained as an industrial clerk.

At Heinzinger, young people are comprehensively prepared for everyday working life: They go through various departments, receive training, work on projects and are individually supervised by their trainers. The aim is to take her on in a permanent position once she has successfully completed her degree. Subsequent further training, e.g. to become a technician or to take up a dual course of study are open to former trainees and are supported by the company.

Heinzinger electronic GmbH has been a popular training company for many years and received the Martha Pfaffenberger training award from the city of Rosenheim in February 2018.