ERS-BIC-Systeme with 0-Volt-Option

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Our ERS BIC Systems are now available with 180 % Overload Capability and 0-Volt-Option

Total discharge at full current

Abuse tests, recycling of batteries and applications in fuel cell development require discharging and regenerating energy down to almost zero volt. Due to their topology, conventional bidirectional power supply units sooner or later reach their limits and thus have a limited work area.

This challenge can be solved with the new low-voltage option of the Heinzinger ERS BIC series. By using internal switching elements, the output stage of the ERS BIC can be automatically converted into a 4-quadrant-power-stage via the remote interface. With the 4-quadrant-output-stage, regenerative operation can be performed at full dynamic range and full current, down to nearly zero Volt.

This makes the ERS BIC the ideal system for all applications from fuel cells to battery submodules to high power batteries. Various power classes from 160 to 600kW are available from the ERS BIC series as individual systems, which can also be connected in parallel to form high-power systems if required.

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