Information for delivery times and prices

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At the moment, the procurement market currently faces major challenges for manufacturers around the world. Delivery bottlenecks and price increases for raw materials and supplier parts are currently the order of the day. Especially semiconductors as well as active and passive components also have a huge impact on our power supply units.

So far, our purchasing team has been able to ensure through forward planning and our strategic partnerships that there are only a few delays in deliveries or extended delivery times.

Nevertheless, we are also increasingly being advised by our partners and suppliers that there may be bottlenecks and delays. Often even in connection with significantly increasing purchase prices.

Therefore, please plan your purchases as early as possible and coordinate the required delivery dates with us. We will do everything to realize your schedule and ensure punctual delivery, but you can expect delivery times to be longer than usual.

We still have material and equipment in advance, so it may make sense for you to make a purchase earlier. Please talk to us about your short-term requirements, we can still keep most prices stable.

We look forward to talking to you.