modularer Aufbau up to 12 units
modular system
[Translate to English:] Ausgangsleistung bis 15 kW up to 100 kW
output power
[Translate to English:] Präzision bis 0,1 % up to <10ppm
precision up to <10ppm
[Translate to English:] höchste Zuverlässigkeit reliability
highest reliability


  • For inductive loads
  • Standard-Configuration or possibility of cascading
  • Flexible combination of DC-output current/voltage
  • Slim Design
  • Water cooling
  • Ethernet Interface
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Magnet Power Supplies for Quadrupole & Dipole

Highest performance level - made flexible.

Heinzinger has achieved the next level of flexibility in Magnet Power Supply (MPS) technology and design: Power-Stages for MPS, which are flexible and configurable to nearly each customer requirement.

Magnet Power Supplies as Modular System

Many customer requests and tender-processes show, that performance of MPS is similar, but never copyable or coverable by standard devices without any customer specific adaptation. Each application is challenging and has its own needs. To act as flexible and short-term as the dynamic market request is, Heinzinger built up a kit of MPS power-stages, which can be connected in parallel as easy as possible.

The basis covers standard parameters, which are explored and proved over many years: e.g. precision up to 1*10-5, current ramping of 300A/second, water-cooling, Ethernet IF for remote- and local operation, minimized overshoot and ripple, etc.

Hereby, the most important customer benefits are ensured:

Flexibility, cost-efficiency, short-term availability and highest reliability.

The power-stages can be combined in one 19” standard-rack, where up to 12 devices can be installed. Each power-stage is able to cover 7.5 kW, thus nearly 100kW can be reached within one rack. Central water-distribution, analog instruments, central customer IF for magnet-read back-signals and auxiliary-input, local operation -> all these features are developed and installed during many years of close partnerships with customers e.g. in accelerator business and their magnet applications.

The MPS are according to IEC 61010 and could be covered by a CB-certificate if necessary. EMC-standards could be applied in case of and confirmed by an external laboratory. 

Typical magnets which are supplied are Quadrupole and Dipole MPS: precise output currents up to 1500A are representative and one of the targets which must be achieved.

Heinzinger has supported well known customers in magnet power applications over many years. Those are located all over the world and mainly in accelerator business for patient-treatment with protons (e.g. Varian Medical Systems) or in particle research and development (GSI, Cern, etc.).


The parallel-configuration in principle:

MPS basis-device and power stage (PS) #1

  • Mains-rectifier
  • Current regulation
  • PS Control
  • Current measurement
  • PS #1 with 7.5 kW output-power
  • Ethernet Interface (remote control IF)
  • Customer IF (e.g. USB, LCU)

MPS power stage #2

  • PS #2 with 7.5 kW output-power

MPS power stage #3 .... #12

  • up to 12 power stages within one rack (19")
  • approx. 100kW


Specific Parameter, Overview:

Mains Input:Supply Voltage400/480V ±10 %, 50/60 Hz

Current Accuracy

Current Ripple

Current Stability




Dynamic:di/dt>300A/sec. (up to 100kA/sec.)
Efficiency:>90 %



LCU - Local Control Unit

Ethernet Interface

Cooling:Water-Coolingalso for deionized water
Customer IF:Magnet Readbackmagnet errors, magnet water errors, etc.

If you are interested or further details are required, please do not hesitate to contact Heinzinger. We will help you anyway to support challenging applications in accelerator business with our next generation of Magnet Power Supplies. Call us +49 8031 2458 0 or write an email to info(at)heinzinger(dot)de

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