Low-voltage power supplies with double-stabilization and linear-control

For reliable use at best precision in tough industrial environments

The low-voltage power supplies of the Heinzinger PTN series are made to face the challenges of permanent operation around the clock in challenging environments. The outstanding long-term stability and reproducibility of these low-voltage power supplies makes them ideal, for example for applications in the automotive industry or to supply magnets with power. The quality of their output remains consistent in the long run. The doubly stabilized low-voltage power supplies use two control circuits that support each other: The phase angle control thyristor provides the pre-regulation for an intermediate circuit accumulator. Downstream of the low-voltage mains supplies, a linear transistor controller is installed to ensure precise mains and load compensation in combination with high dynamics. This precise regulation keeps power loss very low. A Sense connection compensates for power loss in the cable and ensures highly precise output values at the load connection.

The following low-voltage power supplies are part of the PTN-series:

  • PTN supplies
  • PTN3p series for higher power
  • PTNhp series for highest precision at up to less than 10 ppm

Basic PTN supplies offer a power range of up to 5,200 W

The PTN low-voltage power supplies supply controlled DC voltages with a very low residual ripple in voltage categories of up to 600 V. These supplies come with comprehensive default options and will live up even to complex demands: Battery simulations with variable internal resistors can be conducted with them, for example. Because of their operating principle, the supplies are often used in EMC-sensitive environments, an area in which they excel particularly.

The PTN3p offers even more power

Low-voltage power supplies for a high-performance power supply are in high demand in particular when customers seek to replace batteries or run battery simulations. Among others, the devices of the PTN3p series are used in the following applications:

  • Starter test benches
  • Engine test benches
  • UV simulation
  • Aging processes of batteries
  • Test benches for component tests
  • Component manufacture
  • Manufacture of assemblies
  • Galvanic baths in the semi-conductor industry 

The low-voltage power supply PTN3p supplies currents in excess of 5,000 A in the voltage category of up to 600 V. They are characterized by their outstanding longevity, reliability and stability.

The PTNhp is used where even better precision is needed

The high-precision low-voltage power supplies of the PTNhp series achieve accuracies and stabilities of < 0.001 percent (10 ppm). This accuracy range covers all power categories of the PTN and PTN3p series. Various matching solutions are possible depending on application, load type or environmental conditions. Thus, the low-voltage power supplies with their high precision are suitable for complex development and research tasks.

If low-voltage power supplies for industrial uses are of interest to you, we will gladly help you find the optimal device from the PTN-series for your purpose. Call us at +49 8031 2458 0 or send an email to info(at)heinzinger(dot)de