High-performance power supplies such as thyristor-operated low-voltage power supplies in the DC area

...e.g. for galvanic baths in semi-conductor production

Luigi Galvani was the Italian doctor who discovered the principle of Galvanism in 1780. In galvanization, an electric current is applied to an electrolytic bath. The circuit's anode has a metal element, e.g., made of copper or nickel. An object to be coated with the metal is placed on the cathode, which acts as the minus pole. The electric current separates metal ions from the electrode and deposits them evenly on the workpiece to be coated. This procedure is used, e.g., in semi-conductor production.

High-performance power supplies of the PNY-series by Heinzinger reliably provide a controlled DC voltage with accuracies of < 0.1 percent at a residual ripple of less than 1 percent for this procedure. The high-performance power supplies are built so robustly that they offer reliable function even when operated around the clock under difficult environmental conditions. In addition to applications in galvanization, the high-performance power supplies can also be used:

  • in test benches for DC-motors
  • in test benches for fuses
  • for testing high-power contacts
  • as battery replacement

The high-performance power supplies of the PNY-series enable a large number of different combinations of voltages and currents. The devices can be adjusted individually for certain applications. Mechanical adjustment of the high-performance power supplies to different customer needs is possible as well, for example in the form of execution in a stainless-steel housing.

The devices work as constant voltage source (in CV mode) or constant current source (in CC-mode) with automatic switching. Different interfaces are available for remote control or integration into automation processes. The power supplies are equipped with a sensor connection to balance out power loss in the load line.

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