Magnet power supplies for particle accelerators and medical technology

Meeting the highest demands to accuracy and control capacity

Magnet power supplies are special DC-power supplies intended for some very specific areas of use. Among others, they can be found in particle accelerators such as the LHC at the CERN in Geneva, or in devices for cancer treatment that can be found in proton treatment centers.

Magnet power supplies are elements of utmost importance

Die Magnete in den Beschleunigern werden unter anderem zur Strahlführung und Among others, the magnets in the accelerators guide and focus the beam. These special DC-power supplies provide highly precise currents, e.g. for:

  • Dipole magnets
  • Quadrupole magnets
  • Steerer magnets

The current control accuracy and long-term stability of these magnet power supplies can be less than 5 and up to 10 ppm (parts per million). These are values that are impossible to reach with conventional power supplies. Power supplies by Heinzinger can be adjusted to many different magnet values and load requirements. They are available with air or water cooling options. They can be integrated into existing systems thanks to their broad range of interfaces and operating elements. Comprehensive manual operating and programming options make it possible to adjust them to many different load situations.

Bets current stability and lowest ripple

The magnet power supplies of the PCU series are switching power supplies working in primary switched mode. Their resonance converters work according to the PMW Phase Shift Zero-Voltage-Switching principle (ZVS). The ZVS principle switches when the voltage crosses zero, which reduces power loss and parasitic influences. The output rectifier of the magnet power supplies operates through two diodes to work as current duplexer. Thus, one diode at a time conducts or blocks the current, which reduces output power loss. In order to reduce the outbound ripple even further, the transistor bridges of the output stages are synchronously controlled with a phase offset of 180 to 30 degrees. The output of these power supplies is protected by a free-wheeling diode. The output current is measured using high-precision current converters (DCCT DC current transducers).

Reliable magnet power supplies for permanent operation

An optimal power density and highest precision characterize the Heinzinger magnet power supplies. Compliance with the specified data even at long-term operation and in challenging environments is thereby ensured. Supplies from the PCU series are the best choice when quality, precision and accuracy of the magnet power supplies is of extraordinary importance, as is the case in medical technology.

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