The power supply with linear control is a reliable lab power supply

Ideal DC-power supplies for laboratory applications or automated solutions

The following factors determine the size of a power supply with linear control:

  • Stability
  • Purpose
  • Adjustment range of the output values
  • Residual ripple
  • Stability of the output voltage
  • Option to switch the operating mode to supply a constant voltage or a constant current
  • Interfaces

Power supplies are generally categorized into unregulated power supplies, linear-controlled power supplies and switching power supplies.

Power supply with linear control and a linear regulator transistor

The linear transistor stabilizes the voltage of a power supply with linear control. For this, the linear transistor is controlled by a differential signal. This signal is determined by the output voltage and an internal reference voltage. The transistor is activated depending on the values that are set in order to increase the output voltage until the target value is reached.

LNG-series - Compact table-mounted supplies with linear control

The power supply models with linear control from Heinzinger's LNG series can supply power in the range of up to 200 W for a number of voltage and current ranges. The devices are designed for easy use. They can be adjusted up to the nominal voltage or nominal current separately with their operating elements or from external interfaces. The serial analog interface is ideal for use in the industrial and automation sectors.

Key figures for the LNG power supply with linear control

Low residual ripple and good stability characterize these devices. The devices are suitable for permanent operation and designed for any load type. A power supply with linear control is particularly suitable for use in EMC-sensitive applications. In contrast to switching power supplies, they do not produce any high-frequency interferences.

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