Heinzinger starts its training year 2018

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Five young talents have joined the team of Heinzinger electronic GmbH recently as part of their apprenticeships at the firm. Sebastian Auer, Markus Aufschläger, Michael Böhm and Michael Strobl decided to start their careers as apprentices in electronic engineering for equipment and systems and Anselm Hübinger will be trained as an industrial salesman.

Currently, Heinzinger Electronic has more than 90 employees, out of which 12 are employed as trainees. CEO and owner Alfred Werndl emphasizes that training has a very high priority within the company: "Many of our customers are active in promising industries, such as, electromobility or medical technology. Therefore, it is increasingly important to meet growing demand for qualified professionals through training within our company."

All of the firm´s apprentices get well-prepared for their daily work at Heinzinger: They get to know various departments, receive ad hoc training, work in challenging projects and get individually supported by mentors and trainers whenever advice is needed. Heinzingers aim is to turn each trainee into a full-time employee upon successful completion of the apprenticeship. Also, Heinzinger appreciates and supports ongoing professional development of its former trainees in various ways, e.g. through becoming a technician or starting a dual curriculum.

Heinzinger electronic GmbH has been a popular training company for many years and will continue this path going-forward. In February 2018, Heinzinger Electronic GmbH was awarded the "Martha Pfaffenberger Training Award" from the city of Rosenheim.