MdL Klaus Stöttner is visiting Heinzinger electronic GmbH

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Today MdL Klaus Stöttner was able to convince himself in person from the very positive development of the regional company Heinzinger electronic. During the visit, Stöttner was informend about the growth of the medium-sized company.

Heinzinger electronic has been developing, manufacturing and selling high-precision industrial power supply units since 1959, especially for very high performance, and with this core competence Heinzinger has made it among the top 10 manufacturers in the world.
Around 80 employees, including ten apprentices, are currently employed by Heinzinger. Stöttner was impressed by the high training quota and the prospects after the training. Former apprentices can be found almost in all areas of the company.

“We have a strong and long term relationship with the region” said managing director and company owner Alfred Werndl, who took advantage of the opportunity to invest in another production hall next to the main building in 2016. This serves the long term development of operating efficiency, the capacity expansion of production, administration and logistics. The new hall offers the possibility of tripling the production and storage capacities at the Rosenheim location.

During the company tour, Stöttner was able to get an idea of ​​the entire production chain. The devices are completely developed, manufactured and distributed in-house.