Expansion of Production by Lean-Management

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Heinzinger quadrupeld the capacity for the production of test bench components for e-mobility

The e-mobility market continues to grow steadily and almost all automotive companies are developing new BEV and PHEV models. Even new manufacturers are entering the market and are presenting new cars and solutions. One of the key points to increase the acceptance of e-mobility is the range of electric vehicles, which is mainly driven by the traction battery used to supply the drivetrain. The range of battery driven vehicles is less than half of traditional vehicles. Therefore, the main target is to increase the electric capacity of the traction batteries. Additionally, there are requirements like low weight, small size, fast charging capability, resistance to environmental conditions and last but not least eco-friendly production and recycling.

Test benches are used to test batteries and drivetrains. Range and lifecycle parameters are tested under the influence of different climatic conditions and driving profiles. These tests are performed for research and development, validation and so-called end of line (EOL) test of batteries. High performance power supplies by Heinzinger are used to either test batteries or drivetrains. They are used for battery test and battery simulation, acting as energy source or sink. The power supplies are programable, so they can simulate all characteristics as close as possible to real life conditions.

Heinzinger electronics is well established in the area of high-performance power supplies covering high voltage and high current applications. For more than 10 years Heinzinger builds powers supplies for well-known automotive customers and research institutes. To satisfy the increasing demand, Heinzinger invested more than 1.5 Mio. Euro into new production facilities. Mid of 2019 a new production floor at the head-quarters in Rosenheim (Bavaria, Germany) was put into operation, head count was increased and existing jobs were secured.

“Just building up another production hall, would have been too short-sighted” says Managing Director Alfred Werndl “so we decided to build up the new production line III according to the modern and future-orientated Lean-Principles”.

“To build up an assembly line by the rules of Lean-Management means to avoid waste of resources in all respects. For example: overproduction, rejects, inappropriate processes, unnecessary motion sequences, waiting and machine downtimes. All processes are in a flow and allow an economical and time efficient production without having any loss in quality” explains Andreas Gantner (Head of Assembly Line & Test).

The result is obvious: Instead of building up power supplies in single-item production, there now is a production flow in three phases. This shortens the production process significantly. “Until now it took us about four weeks to manufacture and test a battery simulator or tester. With the new Lean Management assembly line, we are able to produce and test two power supplies in three weeks” so Alfred Werndl. All processes are subject to a continuous improvement process and target is to continue to reduce throughput times.


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