Performance expansion & overload capacity of the ERS BIC

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The ERS BIC is now even more powerful and flexible, thanks to the options for serial interconnection and an overload capacity of up to 180 %.

Source / sink systems with up to 180% overload capacity

In the field of e-mobility, when testing the electrical/electronic components in the vehicle, particularly high-energy overload capabilities of the source/sink systems used are required.

In order to simulate the different areas of the driving cycles, the “constant drive” usually only requires performance in the lower range. However, when it comes to simulating the longitudinal acceleration or deceleration, the requirements for the source/sink systems used (depending on the vehicle type) increase by several 100kW, but only for a short period of time.

Heinzinger developed the ERS BIC series for these special requirements on the test bench energy systems. In the power class between 250kW and 400kW nominal, is for max. 30 seconds an overload of up to 180 % or up to 450kW in the peak possible. With the 500kW power class up to 650KW and with 600kW up to 750kW are possible as short-term overload.


Capacity expansion cluster operation with up to 4 ERS BIC

The battery is the key component for all developments relating to electromobility. Regardless of whether it is for cars or in the heavy-duty sector, acceptance and demand for everything to do with electromobility are increasing. This development brings the test houses and test rig builders full order books and at the same time the challenge of designing the test rigs in such a way that they meet current and future customer requirements, although these are often still unclear or only known in the short to medium term. It is therefore important to take into account future, increasing requirements when choosing the appropriate components as well as possible.

The new optional operating mode of the ERS BIC from Heinzinger electronic offers a solution for this: Up until now it was possible to double the output by connecting two ERS BICs, now the “cluster operation” option is also available for up to 4 systems without losing dynamics and signal quality possible. Our customers thus have full flexibility and can use the two-channel devices for individual testing of several test objects or configure a high-power cluster with a total output of up to 2.4 MW in a few simple steps. This optional operating mode opens up the possibility of testing not only common and future high-voltage batteries for cars but also batteries for heavy-duty applications.

The options overload and cluster operation can also be easily integrated into the ERS BIC systems at a later date, so that you gain more flexibility with simultaneous investment security.

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