New Dummy Load for Magnet Power Supplies

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New Dummy Load for testing on a high quality level.

New Dummy Load for Magnet Power Supplies

For more than half a year, Heinzinger is able to perform tests on magnet power supplies on a high-quality level.

For this purpose, a high-performance resistor was procured that can be operated up to 600V with an output of 250kW. The resistance value is around 1.5 ohms and therefore in a range that is typical for many accelerator magnets, including the lead resistances. The resistance is actively air-cooled and the air cooling has been modified by Heinzinger so that it adapts to the current performance.

It is now possible to carry out extensive tests in the static operating range or load jumps without inductive influence already at Heinzinger and not only during commissioning at the customer. Above all, endurance tests, overload and the variation of input voltage and frequency required in CB reports can now be carried out quickly and reliably.

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