EVO - The new generation of High-voltage power supplies

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The current EVO HV power supplies from Heinzinger are eye-catching - especially due to their unusual design.

The new generation of High-voltage power supplies - with electrical polarity reversal

The current EVO HV power supplies from Heinzinger are eye-catching - especially due to their unusual design. Black chassis with large full-color TFT display and operation via central button and two pushbuttons. But is that really necessary? Shouldn't a high-voltage power supply be functional instead of chic? With the EVO HV power supply, one does not exclude the other. On the contrary! The 19" adapter is very functional - it also serves as a stand when used as a desktop unit. The same applies to the full-color display of the modern HMI. It looks good and offers a structured menu navigation that makes the extensive range of functions of the power supply units easy to control.


Different voltage class, two power classes

The Heinzinger EVO series of high-voltage power supplies are currently available in voltage classes from 1.5kV to 10kV. The DC power supplies offer a power of 2kW or 3kW on only 2U, with currents between 200mA and 2A, depending on the version.


Electrical polarity reversal always included

The HV output of the current EVO power supplies is electrically reversible, so the units can be used with negative or positive polarity. The polarity reversal is done via setpoint input at the front or by appropriate command sets via the integrated digital interfaces (LAN and RS232). Often HV power supplies are only unipolar, this limits the field of application strongly and if the application changes, the unipolar device may no longer be used. Compared to a mechanical polarity reversal, the polarity reversal of the EVO power supplies is done automatically by a corresponding setpoint value (positive or negative) and can be fully automated and remote controlled.

Fast, precise, easy to use: these three characteristics distinguish the EVO controllable HV power supply. The digital control allows high performance with simultaneous speed and precision, with high accuracy and stability.

The control unit with colored 3.5" TFT display allows best readability and clear menu navigation. This means that the device can be used immediately without any major training. Individual function levels can be password-protected to prevent operating errors.


High level of safety for users and application

In addition to interlock and I/O contacts, overvoltage and overcurrent protection as well as limit value and limit function are always on board with EVO power supplies. These features protect the operator, the device and the equipment under test equally. Ramp control and arc detection are available as options for all devices.


Applicable worldwide

Regarding to its wide input voltage range of 187V - 253V AC / 47 Hz - 63 Hz, the power supply can be operated worldwide and complies with the relevant standards (CE and MET).


Digital interfaces included

All EVO power supplies have an Ethernet and RS232 interface and can thus be easily remote controlled and integrated into automation environments.


Fast availability due to short delivery times

Heinzinger supplies the EVO power supplies in reversible versions from stock and with extensive, demand-oriented accessories.


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