ERS-BIC-Air with silicon carbide hybrid modules

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No water? No problem!

ERS-BIC-Air with silicon carbide hybrid modules

Heinzinger is now offering an air-cooled alternative ERS-BIC.

The Heinzinger ERS power supplies are generally equipped with highly efficient water cooling, which ensures safe and direct cooling of the semiconductors. The water cooling ensures low maintenance and a long life for the ERS systems.

For some customers, however, there is no infrastructure with cooling water or the existing capacities cannot be expanded accordingly.

Silicon carbide hybrid modules, if you want it to be air-cooled

For these cases, Heinzinger electronic is now offering the ERS-BIC–Air as a solution. A bidirectional power supply from the ERS-BIC series with complete air cooling. This is made possible by a newly developed, air-cooled output stage in which innovative silicon carbide hybrid modules are used. These are modules in which the freewheeling diode is made of silicon carbide.

In principle, the critical breakdown strength of silicon carbide (SiC) is around 10 times higher than that of silicon. As a result, the modules can be manufactured with a thinner drift layer, which is a main cause of the ON resistance. This SiC characteristics enables a significant reduction in the conductivity loss and thus also in the power loss. In addition, significantly higher switching speeds can be achieved with the SiC semiconductors used.

These two SiC properties enable a drastic reduction in conductivity and switching losses in the new output stage of the ERS-BIC-Air. In connection with a specially designed cooler block with flange-mounted centrifugal compressor, the air-cooled variant achieves the same dynamics and performance that are known from the water-cooled output stages. An expensive infrastructure for water cooling can thus be avoided.

More than an alternative to water cooling

In the test laboratories, 24/7 continuous operation is usual for battery tests, which places the highest demands on the service life and reliability of the test systems used. So that these extreme requirements can be met reliably and safely, the ERS-BIC – Air and especially the output stage are monitored with intelligently placed temperature sensors. In addition, specially mounted, maintenance-free fans with a very long service life are installed.

With the ERS-BIC – Air, the user now has the choice of the cooling concept and can choose the system that best fits into the existing infrastructure.

Air or water cooling? We would be delighted to advise you on choosing the right power unit for your applications. Call us on +49 8031 2458 0 or send an e-mail to info(at)heinzinger(dot)de

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