Heinzinger electronic GmbH starts the training year 2021

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On September 1, 2021, training began for four young people at Heinzinger electronic GmbH, and with it a new phase of life.

The young men will now be trained for the next few years in all specific areas as electronics technicians for devices and systems or industrial electricians for devices and systems, both in the company and in the vocational school.

Training manager Leonhard Schmitzberger and Sasha Popp welcomed the four young professionals and introduced them to the company and colleagues on the first day.

From left to right: Maid Sefic, Alexander Müller, Jan Henjes, Bastian Bruckner and training managers Leonhard Schmitzberger and Sascha Popp.

Around 100 employees currently work at Heinzinger electronic GmbH. Twelve young people are currently being trained at the company's headquarters in Rosenheim. Following the training, Heinzinger offers a seamless transition to a permanent employment relationship with a wide range of options. After passing the skilled worker examination, further training to become a master craftsman, technician or engineer can also be promoted. From skilled workers in production, through materials management, construction, application technology to the test field and development, all areas of application are therefore conceivable.

Heinzinger electronic GmbH has been a popular training company for many years and employs trainees for the following professions:

  • Electronics technician (m/f/d) for devices and systems with a focus on device technology
  • Industrial electrician (m/f/d) for devices and systems
  • Industrial clerks (m/f/d)

Positions are already advertised for the start of apprenticeships in 2022. Further information at: www.heinzinger.de/karriere