Heinzinger Applications: Automotive and Electromobility

Broad Applications for Precision Power Units

Quality and Reliability Made by Heinzinger as a DC High-Voltage Power Supply for Numerous Companies

The experts at Heinzinger produce more than 800 high-quality units a year in order to reliably and precisely deliver current and voltage to even the most demanding of applications. Its portfolio of products includes individual units, series and standard appliances, as well as sophisticated OEM solutions. The industries submitting order inquiries are as varied as customers’ applications: Medical engineering and research laboratories are represented, as are mechanical engineering, automotive, and testing centers.

Automotive and Electromobility

Power supplies for applications in the automotive and electromobility sector need to satisfy a wide range of criteria. Units are used as a DC source / sink and for numerous tests, such as the EOL test, starter / generator test, the battery test or for the testing of charging stations. The individual components of electric motors and power components are also subjected to extensive tests. Heinzinger power supply solutions deliver the ideal unit for every application.

Accelerators and Magnets

Particle accelerators, detectors, and magnets all work with electric current: To ensure that they remain available with reliability and high precision, power units from Heinzinger are used for these complex applications. After all, it does not matter whether it's research, medical engineering or teaching - wherever extreme accuracy, reliability and flexibility are in demand, DC high-current or high-voltage power supplies from Heinzinger deliver the quality advantage made in Germany.

High voltage and industry: The dynamic solution to production tasks

Industry uses precision power units from Heinzinger as a reliable source of supply in mechanical and systems engineering, for example. For industrial applications, high-voltage systems need to be stable and operate without fluctuations, but at the same time offer impressive flexibility and dynamism. Heinzinger has a broad spectrum of DC high-voltage power supplies in its portfolio and advises industrial customers on applications and solutions tailored precisely to their needs.

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