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Use our power supply units for producing and testing semiconductor technologies.

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Production of semiconductors for microelectronics and photovoltaic systems

Depending on the type of a semiconductor component, its production can comprise many different production steps. Semiconductor chips are based on monocrystalline wafers and panels. The more complex the functionality the more processing steps are necessary. The production of solar cells for photovoltaic systems requires fewer production steps. Functional tests are needed to carry out internal and final quality checks. With the devices in the PNC, EVO, GEN and PTN series, Heinzinger provides efficient and highly accurate power supply units for the semiconductor industry.

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Power semiconductors: end of line test (EoL)

IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) are used in many areas of power electronics such as drive systems, converters and DC to DC converters.

After passing the production process, the IGBT is subjected to a final test to check its current rating and electric strength. Voltages of up to 8kV and currents of up to several thousand amperes at very short switching times are required. Heinzinger high-performance power supply units provide the required DC voltages and currents for these applications.

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