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DC power supply units for research & development

Heinzinger high-precision high-voltage/high-current power supply unit for basic research

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Precise beam transport & focusing for accelerators

The particle beam is guided inside the vacuum beam tube on the accelerator using special, highly sophisticated magnets. These beam guidance magnets keep the beam very precisely on its trajectory. When it comes to the beam guidance of the tiniest particles, high-precision and extremely constant magnetic fields are required. To precisely control, focus or rapidly align the beam with certain objects, dynamic requirements also need to be met.

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Detectors for research on matter

The high-voltage power supply units from Heinzinger are used for particle accelerators to conduct research on matter and identify particles with different characteristics.

Particle detectors come in many different designs and are used for a wide variety of applications. CERN in Geneva, for example, has large detectors and they are used to detect the tiniest particles generated in the world’s most powerful accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

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