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Detail applications

Measuring and testing technology

Measuring and testing technology for reliable procedures and quality assurance

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Precision power supply units for calibration and quality assurance

High requirements in measuring and testing technology

Particular strict criteria apply to power supply units for measuring and testing technology: They should not allow any interference from outside if possible and feature low residual ripple and optimal long-term stability to provide consistent data at any time.

In the course of automation in industry, testing procedures are increasingly integrated in the production process. So the control and monitoring as well as the actual measuring and testing technology have to be integrated in the automation system…

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Environmental technology

Air pollution control systems

Air pollution control deals with the design, operation and monitoring of environmental technology systems, which can filter wast gas streams to remove dust or gaseous components.

This is particularly important for industrial applications such as electrostatic filter systems or air ionization systems, which can be permanently supplied with energy by the precision power supply units from Heinzinger.
Whether it's about filter technology or air purification -…

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