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30 days vacation

Vacation allowance and Christmas bonus

Performance-based variable salary component

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Working where other people spend their holidays – leisure opportunities nearby

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Flexible working hours


Vocational training


Advanced training




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Company cars

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Remote working


We currently offer the jobs below.

Can't find anything suitable? Send us your unsolicited application.

We wouldn't be where we are now without our staff members

It is only when all members of a team contribute their individual skills, abilities and passions – in short: their character – that great and unusual projects can be implemented.

Training & university studies

Training young people in-house is a matter of course to us. Apart from apprentices, trainees, student trainees, students participating in a cooperative education program and bachelor/master students are working for us time and again.

Apprenticeship at Heinzinger

Advanced training to become a technician (m/f/d) or master (m/f/d)

Electronics engineer for equipment and systems (m/f/d)

Start of training: 1 September 2025

Studies with Heinzinger

You would rather study in a practical way? Then perhaps one of the two models at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences is of interest to you:

Cooperative education program

(Academic education combined with a vocational training)

Academic education with extended practical training

(Academic education with additional practical experience)

Student trainees (m/f/d)

in various technical and commercial fields.

Other possibilities

Besides our apprenticeship and study models we offer the following opportunities:

Final written papers

in various technical and commercial fields.

Trainees (m/f/d)

in various technical and commercial fields.

All options at a glance

Career-PDF (GER)

We look forward to receiving your application

If you are enthusiastic about technical products and would like to work for a medium-sized company with a flat hierarchy, just get in contact with us!
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