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Sophisticated device series for numerous industrial applications

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Robust high-voltage power supply units for continuous operation

Numerous customers from industry have already turned to Heinzinger for their applications in areas such as mechanical and plant engineering, medical engineering and monitoring systems. The design of switch cabinets and plants is becoming more and more compact, the requirements for reliability and efficiency of highly accurate power supply units are increasing.

Heinzinger electronic has specialized in power supply units that are optimized for use in industry: low weight and compact sizes go hand in hand with overload protection, short-circuit resistance and universal interfaces.

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Capacitor forming

Capacitor production: semiconductor tests in production and quality assurance

The production of high-performance capacitors includes quality tests to make the lifetime of components as long as possible and ensure long-time stability, with the dielectric between the plates playing an important part: materials or manufacturing defects decide whether the intended specifications can be complied with. To ensure smooth and permanent function all components are tested separately and in their interaction. The Heinzinger highly accurate power supply units provide the appropriate DC voltage…

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