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Company with tradition

History & Milestones

We are proud of our long company history and would like to take you with us into 65 years of Heinzinger

Exceptional from the very beginning

Top-quality products for power supply since 1959

1959 marks the start of a very unusual company history. What started out then as a small company founded by Josef Heinzinger and making precision power supply units has now grown to become Heinzinger electronic GmbH and is synonymous with innovation, quality and seamless service.

Since this time, Heinzinger has been developing, producing and distributing high-current and high-voltage power units for various industries all over the world, with its name representing high-quality and high-precision power supply solutions. Heinzinger's DC power supply units allow reliable use even under extreme conditions – whether as a single device, a series of them, a standard product or as OEM solutions.

As a medium-sized, owner-managed company, some 100 employees produce and look after the company's leading-edge products for power supplies. Each year, more than 800 high-quality devices leave our production facility. Final checks up to 400kV can be carried out in our own high-voltage laboratory.


Successful company

Heinzinger electronic GmbH – an owner-managed company with sustaining success focusing on high voltage, magnet power supplies and highly precise high-performance industrial power supply units. The AC Werndl Holding GmbH owns 100% of the shares of the holding company. Claudia and Alfred Werndl are its managing directors.

Headquarter in Rosenheim


Expansion of the EVO series

Expanding the EVO product portfolio into higher voltage classes to better meet the needs of our customers and new markets with customised features for specific requirements and applications.


One successful company becomes two

Spin-off of the former "Automotive" division into the newly founded Heinzinger Automotive GmbH and transfer of ownership to National Instruments (NI) at the beginning of 2022.
Heinzinger Unternehmensvereinigung


Record year with a sales volume of more than €18 million!


Compact, bidirectional, regenerative power supply units

Preview of the ERS Compact at Automotive Testing Expo Europe for expanding the product range to include test bench energy systems for applications in the 48V range, among others.


New generation of high-voltage power supply units

Presentation of the new generation of high-voltage power supply units in the EVO series at the Electronica trade fare in Munich.
Heinzinger evo serie hochspannungsgereat


Acquisition of an additional production facility

Acquisition of an additional production facility and increasing the power of test bench energy systems (ERS series) through the ERS BIC type providing up to 750KW are important milestones.


Company development and vision

Development of the company's strategic vision thus affirming the commitment to growth strategy.


Test benches for high-volt batteries

The milestones of the year are test bench energy systems of up to 250KW / 1,000VDC / 2 channels introduced as additional standard units in the ERS series.


Expansion of the test bench energy systems

Expansion of test bench energy systems (ERS series), which are now also available for automotive applications: testing of high-voltage batteries and converters.


Magnet power supply for medical applications

The magnet power supply division for medical applications is expanded and the company’s production capacities are doubled.


Acquisition of the company building in Rosenheim

Acquisition of the company building in Rosenheim und further development of the PNC series for ultra-high voltage & precision up to 300kV in dry-type insulation.


Presentation of test bench energy systems capable of recovery

Presentation of test bench energy systems capable of recovery (ERS series) for automotive applications and hybrid engines, in particular.


Delivery of the first high-performance devices

Other milestones in the company's history are the delivery of the first high-performance devices with active energy recovery (PTN series) and two years later…


Introduction of new products

The development of products goes on: Introduction of the new “ultra-high precision switch-mode power supply units“ (PCU series) in the field of magnet power supply.


Alfred Werndl as sole shareholder

The takeover of Heinzinger electronic GmbH at the Rosenheim site by Mr. Alfred Werndl is completed and the company becomes independent.


Ultra High Power

A milestone in the history of products: the development and delivery of two ultra-high power supply units (PTN series) for the two-quadrant operation as part of the Transrapid project.


Structural changes and new foundation

The milestones achieved are structural changes in the company and the Knürr Group, which result in the foundation of Heinzinger electronic GmbH by a management buyout. The company refocuses on its core competences: high voltage and high current with high precision.


Competence center for electronics in mechanical systems

Taken over by Knürr AG, the company is integrated into the group as “competence center for electronics in mechanical systems” and continues its history for the years to come.


The beginning of something very big

Josef Heinzinger founds the company in Munich – the company’s history begins.
In the course of the years, the company evolves from a small manufacturer of specific devices for universities into a globally respected specialist in the fields of high-voltage power supply units and high-current supplies, with maximum precision being the company’s unique selling proposition.

Heinzinger electronic Netzgerät Historie

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