Dipoles and bending magnets need a precise magnet power supply

Accelerators and magnets for research and medicine

The control and deflection of particle beams by accelerators and magnets is of particular importance in research institutions or for medical applications. In order for dipoles and bending magnets to work reliably, they need a corresponding magnet power supply.

Accuracy and reliability of the magnet power supply is critical

It does not matter whether dipoles and bending magnets are used to deflect the particles for research purposes or for irradiating cancer tumors. The requirements for accuracy and reliability are always a challenge and make innovative components and a modern magnetic power supply particularly important. This is because the dipoles and bending magnets direct the particle beam onto the desired path and into the designated treatment and research rooms. The particles are brought onto the predetermined path in the beam guiding vacuum tube and deflected. Usually, predefined angles, for example 140°, 135°, 45°, 40° or 30°, are adhered to. The challenge lies in ultimately placing the beam at its destination with the highest accuracy, for which high-precision influencing factors play an essential role on its trajectory. The magnetic power supply of the dipoles and bending magnets ensures a massive magnetic field and the corresponding inductance.

Dipoles and bending magnets control the particle beam

Heinzinger Magnet Power Supplies (MPS) work with an accuracy of up to 1x10¯⁵ and currents of several thousand amperes. The user can rely on an absolute constant: The current is fed into the dipoles or bending magnets with the required accuracy of for example <10ppm. The higher this reliability and accuracy, the smaller the factors that are usually difficult to correct along the beam's trajectory to its destination. At Heinzinger, we are aware of this responsibility. Our magnet power supply for dipoles and bending magnets meets the requirements thanks to our technologies, which have been proven over many years.

Individual adjustment of the magnet power supply

Since no one innovative application is like another, the Heinzinger magnetic power supplies for dipoles and bending magnets can be individually optimized, configured and thus adapted to varying customer specifications. Flexibility and customer orientation in the field of magnet power supply are just as much a matter of course for us as the individual adjustment of the corresponding parameters of the magnet power supply at Heinzinger’s laboratory or at the customer's premises, ensuring that dipoles and bending magnets function perfectly. Thanks to our precise magnetic power supply, we ensure that the particle beam is directed via dipoles and bending magnets and reaches its target - with the highest degree of reliability and precision. If you need a precise and reliable magnetic power supply, call us on +49 8031 2458 0 or send an e-mail to info(at)heinzinger(dot)de

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