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Customized Magnet Power Supply Solutions for Complex Demands

The demands on magnet power units are diverse and complex. The power units for beam guidance magnets used in commercial and scientific accelerators must satisfy very special requirements. The quality of the magnetic field depends on the quality of the power unit, and it is this field that determines the precision of the beam. Many research findings, but also the modern-day successes in modern-day medical technology, would be impossible without these power units.

The right magnet power unit delivers high-precision current coupled with excellent long-term stability and high dynamism. The fast and ultra-precise control and current measurement needed for this require specialist expertise and the right choice of components.

In this context, the physical components used to generate the beam are of secondary importance. Heinzinger magnet power units flexibly cover all of the parameters required with regard to current, voltage and power specifications and operate magnets at up to 10,000 A with the same reliability as applications involving just a few Amperes of current consumption.

Typical areas of application for magnet power units from Heinzinger include:

•    Accelerator equipment
•    Magnet power supplies
•    Particle experiments & therapy
•    Beam transport & focusing.

Precise Beam Transport & Focusing for Accelerators

The particle beam is guided inside the vacuum beam tube on the accelerator using special, highly sophisticated magnets. These beam guidance magnets keep the beam very precisely on its trajectory. When it comes to the beam guidance of the tiniest particles, high-precision and extremely constant magnetic fields are required. To precisely control, focus or rapidly align the beam with certain objects, dynamic requirements also need to be met.


Providing Power to Magnets for Proton Beams, e.g. in Cancer Treatment

On every project, the magnets to be supplied with power differ in terms of their ohmic and inductive load share and their dynamic behavior. Heinzinger power units guarantee optimized control behavior in accordance with customer-specific requirements thanks to flexible configuration of the power units.

Heinzinger magnet power units have been used successfully for years in proton beam therapy for cancer, for example. Maximum precision and reliability are essential here if the proton beam is to be directed with a little deviation and as much stability as possible onto a tumor, the surrounding tissues are to be protected and uninterrupted therapy is to be guaranteed.

Proton beam guidance in a vacuum tube with deflection and focusing using quad-pole, steerer and dipole magnets

On these accelerator systems, the magnet power units are generally located in a separate supply room. The magnetic loads are often more than 100 m away. These special conditions need to be taken into account when the power units are being selected and dimensioned. This is the only way that the power units’ control behavior is able to accommodate these special conditions. The precise magnetic field affects the particle beam inside a vacuum tube, accelerating it almost to light speed, preparing it and deflecting it. Quad-pole and steerer magnetics are responsible for deflecting and focusing, while dipole magnets are used for massive deflections into different treatment rooms or directions.

Highly dynamic scanner magnet power units deflect the beam ultimately onto the patient with a dynamic of up to 100 kA/sec and pinpoint the tumor with a deviation of no more than 0.5 mm.

The Heinzinger power units in the PCU and PTN series can be installed both as 19” slide-in modules or as stand-alone units for this. Typically, accuracies and stabilities of up to 10 ppm or better are achieved. Control is usually exercised using digital interfaces and the power units are integrated into the system control and monitoring setup.

Comprehensive Advice and Support for Customer-specific Demands

For these types of application, Heinzinger guarantees customer-specific, sustainable and flexible solutions based on field experience with thousands of delivered magnet power units. Heinzinger has been successfully and reliably serving discerning customers and their innovative and highly specialist applications for decades. Engineers have often already assisted customers during the planning phase and with the calculation of the most important parameters for their choice of equipment.

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Providing Power to Magnets for Proton Beams

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