Quadrupole magnets put particles on course

Flexible solutions for precise power supplies during irradiation or physical experiments

Customers use quadrupole magnets to focus atomic particle beams. They act on the beam in the transporting vacuum tube and are typically supplied with currents of between 100 and 350 amperes. Quadrupole magnets need a reliable bipolar or unipolar power supply. Heinzinger offers the ideal solution for applications in scientific laboratories or the use of quadrupole magnets for medical radiation therapy.

Power supplies perfectly matched to customers’ requirements

For the power supply to quadrupole magnets, accuracies of up to 1x10¯⁵ are considered acceptable and are specified by our customers based on experience. Voltages for quadrupole magnets are calculated and provided taking into account the customer's setup. The supply lines, the ohmic part of the magnets and the dynamic requirements are all factored in. A dynamic range of up to 300A/sec is regarded as typical here, although up to 10kA/second has been required in the past in highly complex accelerators for research institutes. The power supply to the quadrupole magnets is mounted in racks in varying numbers depending on the power rating or, in line with the customer’s requirements, supplied as a stand-alone version and cooled with water or air.

Replacing the magnet power supply for quadrupole magnets quickly

One particular challenge is to keep the downtime as short as possible when replacing the power supply to quadrupole magnets. Whether it is an accelerator for complex physical experiments or the sensitive irradiation of cancer tumors in medical facilities - the function of the accelerator must be restored as quickly as possible. We take all these challenges very seriously: For Heinzinger, it is a matter of course that the devices do not require any adjustment of their electrical parameters after a “plug and play” replacement. Heinzinger Magnet Power Supplies (MPS) adjust themselves independently and intelligently to the physical conditions and load ratios for quadrupole magnets. Expensive calibration procedures are thus avoided, which has a positive effect on the system’s runtime and availability (up-time).

Long-term precision, current ripple and repeat accuracy - all these are parameters that Heinzinger naturally treats with the highest sensitivity. In close cooperation with our innovative customers, we ensure the ideal power supply for quadrupole magnets.

We would be delighted to advise you when choosing the right power supplies for your quadrupole magnets. Call us on +49 8031 2458 0 or send an e-mail to info(at)heinzinger(dot)de.

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