Automotive and Electromobility

Current-Powered Automotive Industry and Electromobility

Source / Sink Systems from Heinzinger Deliver Tailor-Made Power to Many Different Applications

Heinzinger is the first port of call for anyone looking for high-tech source / sink systems for the automotive or electromobility sector. This is because the tasks in this industry are many and varied and are constantly subject to change. Flexible systems that can be used for various applications in the automotive and electromobility sector are important for offering companies the greatest possible investment security.

Automotive Industry Needs Partners with Experience

Developments in the automotive industry happen fast as innovation cycles become ever-shorter. For more than 10 years, Heinzinger has been specializing in supplying source / sink systems in various performance classes for automotive testing rigs and testing systems. The systems are designed for bi-directional operation and operate on a particularly energy-efficient basis with a high degree of effectiveness. As well as user-friendliness, safety also has an important role to play and is an integral part of Heinzinger’s strict quality criteria.

Reliably Supplying Electromobility with a Key Resource: Power

Without source / sink systems, virtually nothing works in the field of electromobility as electricity is the new fuel and essential for all systems and components. To ensure that these all work together perfectly and can be tested in all kinds of conditions or driving simulations, electromobility developers rely on DC high-voltage power supplies from Heinzinger. This means that the loads on the electrical system, electric drive and battery are checked just as thoroughly as the charging processes or the impacts of extreme environmental conditions, which can adversely affect electrical components used in the field of electromobility.

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