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Quality and Reliability: Success Criteria in Series Production

Careful compliance with parameters that are relevant to electrical quality is particularly important, especially in the production of components for the e-mobility market. When it comes to safeguarding continuous quality in series production, the demands on the “end of line test” are high. Fault-free production with high levels of reliability ultimately ensures cost-effective production.

Heinzinger’s ERS series satisfies the demands on the DC source / heat sink components on the testing rig: Whether it be for testing batteries, electrical drives, complete E-axles or HV-DC/DC converters, the superlative reliability and availability of this equipment ensures fault-free, 24/7 production.

Flexible adaptation and highly dynamic performance electronics for customized testing

Standardized protocols ensure rapid integration into existing automation systems, as well as simple and flexible adaptation to changing product requirements. Rapid target value changes can be processed virtually in real time and represented directly on the test subject thanks to the highly dynamic performance electronics.

A CAN-BUS interface is available as standard. This supports transfer rates of up to 1 kHz. For other industry bus standards such as EtherCat or Profibus, solutions are available for easy integration into existing systems.

The ERS series has various types of voltage, current, and power control. These are implemented in entirely digital form with the aid of FPGA, DSP and ADC components, allowing highly dynamic control processes as well as customization of the parameters to the controlled system involved.

With the help of digital control, processes can be adapted perfectly to the components being tested. So for the testing of electrical drives, for example, a battery is simulated, whereas for testing batteries a driving profile is simulated.

Reliability and validity to safeguard consistent quality

The high-precision and stable measuring systems already integrated guarantee consistent quality of the products tested. A rapid process for calculating the amount of energy absorbed and released by the test subject has been developed especially for the battery test.

Whether it be for applications in the low power range up to 20 kW or for high-power applications up to 1 MW, Heinzinger has the perfect solution. High energy efficiency of the device series is assured through direct, especially low-distortion mains feedback. Energy produced in the generating phase of electrical drives or when discharging batteries can therefore be used again directly by other consumers on the production line, helping to contribute towards efficient system operation. Cost-effective and sustainable.

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