Inverter test for electromobility takes cars further

The electric motor can work as a generator during braking and charge the battery via the inverter

The heart of the drive train in electromobility is the electric motor. In the current generation of electric vehicles, brushless AC motors are mainly used for the drive. These offer the advantages of a compact design, exhibit less wear and tear, and have a longer service life. In electromobility, the motor can also act as a generator and recover the kinetic energy via an inverter when braking. This can then be used to charge the battery. This is known as "recovery". Alternating current motors are controlled by an inverter.

This inverter converts the battery's DC voltage into a 3-phase AC voltage to supply power to the motor in driving mode. When the drive motor acts as a generator during braking / recovery, the AC voltage is converted into DC voltage to charge the battery.

A battery simulator for the entire product development process

In the field of electromobility, the requirements on test benches for testing drive trains are particularly demanding. Heinzinger’s ERS systems are designed to work as battery simulators during the inverter test for electromobility. They accompany the entire product creation process from development and validation to end-of-line quality testing in production.

Accuracy during the inverter test

Reproduction accuracy is particularly important in the inverter test for automotive and electromobility applications. The greatest possible reliability is achieved by highly accurate and low-drift measuring devices, which are already integrated in the ERS systems for the inverter test. The precise equalization of the output voltages and low dips or voltage increases with highly dynamic load steps are the hallmarks of Heinzinger ERS systems. As well as the simulation of an ideal battery, the inverter test also offers the opportunity to simulate the internal resistance of a real battery. For more complex requirements, further battery models are optionally available for inverter testing even at lower machine levels.

Do you need a battery simulator for the inverter test in the field of automotive and electromobility? Then rely on the ERS series from Heinzinger - we would be pleased to inform you about the system’s possibilities by phone at +49 8031 2458 0 or simply send an e-mail to info(at)heinzinger(dot)de

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