The semiconductor test for automotive and e-mobility is charged with excitement

The electrification of vehicles creates strong demand for high-voltage semiconductor components

Motor control, switching power supplies and power correction circuits are the most common examples of the use of semiconductors in the field of e-mobility. However in telecommunications too, there is a need for high power and high voltage and thus for a semiconductor test of corresponding components. Until now, traditional bipolar device types such as IGBTs, BJTs and P-I-N have been used for such applications. Today more and more unipolar high voltage components are being used. SiC (silicon carbide) components have recently gained in importance due to their excellent switching behavior, reduced power loss and higher breakdown voltages. This makes SiC components particularly interesting for e-mobility applications.

Semiconductor test for production and final testing

Regardless of the technology and application used, all semiconductor components undergo several tests during production and additionally a final test before they are delivered to customers. The final semiconductor test guarantees the quality of the device and requires the highest accuracy of the test equipment used. In addition to numerous parametric tests, insulation testing and verification of switching behavior are essential for high-voltage and high-power semiconductors.

High voltage tests are typically insulation and breakdown voltage tests. This semiconductor test may require voltages up to several magnitudes of 10kV. High power applications require currents of up to several thousand amperes. A semiconductor test must always be reliable, reproducible and accurate. Fast transient control for load changes is mandatory for testing high-power semiconductors under realistic conditions.

Heinzinger power supplies are used in the semiconductor industry all over the world. They can supply voltages, currents and power for all test requirements. They prove on a daily basis that they can be operated around the clock and function reliably even in harsh industrial environments.

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