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A Sticking Point for the Acceptance of Electromobility: Availability of Charging Stations

Electromobility is undoubtedly one of the most prevalent issues in the media right now. Unfortunately, this has not so far been reflected in the sales and registration numbers of electric cars. The debates about ranges and the as yet inadequate charging infrastructure are discouraging many consumers from buying an electric vehicle. Comprehensive expansion of the charging infrastructure is therefore a crucial factor if the acceptance of electromobility is to be increased.

The challenges facing charging system performance are high:

From the wallbox in the garage at home to regular and fast public charging stations delivering several hundred kilowatts of power. The demand for ever-faster charging is continually pushing charging performance upwards.

All of these demands require a broad bandwidth of charging systems for all of the power ranges. Heinzinger electronic supports you with development and provides a reliable testing system featuring battery simulators from the ERS series for all popular power ranges from 50 to 500 kW. This means that charging pillars can be tested safely and with reproducible results in all working areas. The high degree of dynamism of testing rig energy systems and the exceptionally high rate of current rise allow realistic load profiles to be carried out on charging pillars. The option to choose different battery models, along with the CR control method that regulates according to internal resistance, means that the battery simulators in the ERS series are able to simulate any type of battery.

Another advantage is the fact that the energy absorbed is fed virtually entirely back into the grid thanks to the ERS systems’ excellent efficiency. This means testing that saves money and resources.

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