High Voltage Power Supplies for Submarine Cables

Reliably Powering Underwater Communication Systems

Fast Internet, high-speed data communications, video conferencing and telephone calls from continent to continent - special submarine cables criss-cross the world's oceans for all these important things. Even in the age of satellite communications, this submarine cable infrastructure is an important and reliable communications channel. Anyone can get an overview of the large number of submarine cables on the www.submarinecablemap.com website.

High Voltage Power Supplies for Reliable and Interference-free Communication

High-voltage power supplies are an important component of this infrastructure. Even though 48V voltage is predominant in telecommunications, these 48V components are powered by DC high-voltage power supplies. To ensure reliable and interference-free communication over extremely long distances, "relay stations" are required at certain intervals to amplify and condition the signal. These amplifiers operate deep on the seabed and must be designed and manufactured accordingly for this extreme environment.

This requires special communications equipment. The supply voltage is usually 48V DC. The supply must come from land and the power must therefore be transported over long distances in the sea. A direct supply with 48V would mean high currents and thus large cable cross-sections. The long distances would result in very large line losses. The amounts of power could not be transmitted over the communication cables.

Heinzinger high voltage power supplies therefore generate DC high voltages in the range between 5 and 20kV. This DC voltage can be transmitted over long distances largely without loss and with smaller currents. Corresponding high-voltage lines are part of the submarine cables. The DC high voltage is only converted into a 48V supply voltage at the respective consumer.

Power Supply for Submarine Cables - Including for Science and Research

Similar systems are also operated for research purposes. An extensive network of sensors carries out seismic measurements on the sea floor, for example, which can be used to predict seaquakes and earthquakes or to supply a tsunami early warning system with data. Here, too, DC/DC converters are supplied via appropriate DC high-voltage power supplies and there is low-loss transmission of high voltages to the consumer.

Heinzinger supplies high-voltage power supplies from the PNC and EVO series for HV supplies via submarine cables. Customized OEM solutions based on the standard devices are also used by customers worldwide for such applications.

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The following products can be used for these applications

Hochspannungsnetzgerät bis 10.000 V

Hochspannungsnetzgeräte der EVO-Serie sind die DC - Netzgeräte der neuen Generation

Universal-Hochspannungsnetzgerät bis 300.000 V

PNC, PNChp, PNC3p, PNCcap
Universal - Hochspannungsnetzgeräte bis 300.000 Volt mit hoher Präzision

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Hochspannungs-Tischnetzgerät bis 30.000V

Labornetzgeräte für Hochspannung
Anwenderfreundliche Gleichspannungs - Tisch - Geräte in kompaktem Format

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