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The high-voltage test is now mandatory for all electrical devices used in industry. The standards-compliant high-voltage test is used to test the electrical insulation properties and dielectric strength of electrical devices. The insulation resistance is determined in quantitative terms by measuring between two points of a test specimen using different measuring methods. Manufacturers certified to ISO 9001 must frequently log the high-voltage test and its results and be able to trace them back to meet the requirements.

The devices for high-voltage testing commonly used in the industry (HiPot testers or high-voltage testers) are only suitable for a strictly defined test sequence under specific conditions because they supply high voltage, but often only as a short pulse or with low current. Insulation test procedures over a longer period of time or with permanently higher power are therefore not possible.

Power supply unit for high voltage test with tough requirements

In industry, testing routines in the field of e-mobility or in semiconductor manufacturing place great demands on high-voltage testing. The nominal voltage is in the range of several thousand volts. Accordingly, the power supply unit must supply higher test voltages for high-voltage testing in industry. At the same time, the assemblies or even cables and connectors have to guarantee a high current carrying capacity. These industry requirements for high-voltage testing are not met by today's typical HiPot test devices.

In order to be able to carry out demanding tests and investigations on the insulation strength of materials or components, a different power supply unit is required for the power supply. A suitable HV-DC power supply for high voltage testing is characterized by the fact that it delivers a constant DC voltage continuously, even at higher currents and high power. Corresponding options for monitoring and controlling the test progress, which can be directly linked to your own applications, make the work easier and save time. A high-voltage power supply unit is universally applicable and thus preferable to typical HV testers for insulation tests in the industry.

Programmable power supply unit for high voltage testing

The Heinzinger power supply unit for the high-voltage test is adjustable and programmable. It supplies a constant DC voltage, including long-term with higher currents and high power. Most HiPot test devices, on the other hand, can only apply a short and relatively inaccurate pulse to the test specimen. The Heinzinger high-voltage test power supply unit enables the industry to analyze the behavior and changes of the (insulation) properties over a longer period of time with precisely defined high voltage. The devices are designed to work permanently, even under rated power, and to keep the high voltage constantly stable. Via various interfaces, the devices can also be integrated into your own automation processes and controlled remotely.

Industrial users and applications are protected with this power supply unit

The power supply unit is evaluated in either digital or analog form, thus monitoring and controlling the progress of the high voltage test. A connection to the customer's individual application as well as manual operation on the device are also possible. Here, for example, the high voltage can be stepped up via optional ramp control and the dielectric strength can be evaluated by means of flashover detection. ARC detection (flashover detection) reacts to a sudden increase in current due to a HV flashover or decreasing insulation properties. The devices can be programmed so that a higher set current flows, or the power supply unit switches off. The extensive protection measures, such as overvoltage or overcurrent protection, but also limit value setting (to prevent destruction of the test specimen through incorrect operation, for example) protect both the user and the application.

A power supply unit for insulation and high-voltage testing in industry from Heinzinger is available in many different voltage and current combinations at up to several hundred thousand Volts, and therefore covers different and individual needs. Benefit from the extensive product range and over 60 years of experience - call us on +49 8031 2458 0 or send an e-mail to info(at)heinzinger(dot)de

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