High-voltage test for voltages up to 300,000 Volts

Heinzinger HV power supply units are used for testing the insulation strength of materials, parts or components

Heinzinger electronic offers a very wide range of high-voltage power supply units for voltages up to 300,000 Volts. Many of these power supply units are also suitable for high-voltage testing in industrial environments. The possibility of automation or programming, as is the case with the EVO series equipment, for example, allows test sequences to be designed efficiently.

Various terms are used for high-voltage testing in the industrial sector, such as:

• Hipot test
• HV testing
• Dielectric withstand test

Possible test specimens for high-voltage testing range from semiconductor components, insulation materials, connectors, cables and wires to complete assemblies or components and devices.

Straightforward adjustment of voltage values

In the high-voltage test, a high voltage is always applied to an insulation barrier (insulation section) and the leakage current is measured. The voltage can be slowly increased via a ramp function to find out the maximum insulation strength. However, often a fixed voltage value is used, which applies to the test specimen and which the test specimen must be able to withstand in a fixed manner. With all Heinzinger HV power supply units, the maximum voltage values can be set manually or via remote interfaces. Ramp control is also available for many types. This maximum value is then not exceeded by the devices during the high-voltage test. When the test specimen's insulation strength is reached and the insulation breaks down, a high current flows suddenly. This maximum current can also be limited and set on the power supply unit or remotely. By limiting the maximum current, the test specimen is protected from excessive energy during the high-voltage test.

Advantages of rollover detection

The power supply unit can be equipped with rollover detection to continue the process on an application-specific basis. With this "arc detection”, as it is known, the user receives a message on the control unit and can decide on the further procedure. Alternatively, the power supply unit automatically switches off the output voltage during the high-voltage test. The interfaces in the power supply unit enable this behavior to be controlled remotely, as well as read out and used in the process. The voltage and current values present in the event of a rollover can also be queried and evaluated.

Different current and voltage values for different testing tasks

Heinzinger offers a wide range of DC high-voltage power supply units with different voltage and current values. All devices are adjustable and can therefore be used universally for different testing tasks and a wide variety of test specimens. The high precision and the low residual ripple of the power supply units enables testing tasks that cannot be carried out with many other test devices.

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