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Supply All DC High-Voltage Applications Safely and Reliably with Power

Industrial applications depend on their power supplies being extremely reliable. Numerous factors, such as voltage quality and power, but also maximum energy efficiency, have an important role to play in this. For more than six decades, Heinzinger has been supplying DC high voltage to a range of industries and applications and always focuses on the needs of its customers from the fields of industry and research.

Heinzinger offers innovative solutions for numerous DC high-voltage applications for industries such as automotive and electromobility or research and medical engineering. Products from Heinzinger impress with quality made in Germany, while Heinzinger's experts impress with their first-class practical knowledge, in-depth research and development work, and their passion for technology.

Automotive Industry Relies on Powerful Testing Systems

Flexible systems offering maximum dynamism are crucial for the challenging applications of the automotive industry. The source / sink systems from Heinzinger are ideal for a broad range of simulation applications, battery tests or for testing driving profiles. Heinzinger is an experienced partner to the automotive industry and offers source / sink systems in various performance classes that deliver maximum dynamism and a high degree of efficiency.

Electromobility for Applications with Potential for the Future

Bringing electromobility to the streets is a very important task when it comes to creating a lower-CO2 future. To ensure that new solutions and applications in this sector can be used safely and without burdening resources, numerous tests are required on e-motors and suitable batteries for electromobility. The range of vehicles and the safety of their electronics systems are also at the forefront of research. Heinzinger produces unit series that are especially suitable for these applications and testing tasks.

Research and Development Use DC High-Voltage Power Supplies from Heinzinger

Technical equipment of the highest standard is key to success in the field of research and development. Research and development is mainly carried out in companies in various sectors, but also in academic research institutes, state institutions and universities. The power supplies must be particularly precise and reliable for research and development in order to deliver resilient results. Heinzinger DC high-voltage units are ideally suited for this.

Industrial Environments Profit from the Long Service Life of Heinzinger Units

Environmental conditions in industry are often rough and differ from tests in research and development. Industrial sectors such as mechanical and systems engineering require high-voltage and high-current power units as well as high-current power supplies that offer investment security. Heinzinger units fill the bill here thanks to their long service life and superlative flexibility, enabling power supplies to be adapter or combined for all kinds of different applications.

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