The automotive industry requires powerful and reliable testing systems

Heinzinger delivers precision power supplies in various classes

Reliable and high-performance precision power supplies make easy work of the many and varied testing tasks that the automotive industry has to carry out. Drive trains and components for electric or hybrid cars are tested, for example. And in this context, it is accuracy under reproducible conditions that is key. Modern testing rig concepts allow the automotive industry to create realistic scenarios. This means that reliable data can be obtained on the performance of individual components or the entire system. Extrapolations as regards the lifespan, the cost-effectiveness of vehicles and conclusions regarding the safety and comfort of the components can also be made.

Energy is precious

Because energy is an important commodity, Heinzinger’s automotive testing rig systems are designed to feed unused energy back into the cycle. This helps to achieve a particularly good level of energy efficiency, so overall consumption is reduced. In the field of automotive applications especially, the energy system forms the centerpiece of the testing rig. Partly for the development testing rig, but also for quality checks and end-of-line testing (EOL testing) at the end of the production process.

Heinzinger liefert Präzisions-Netzgeräte verschiedener Klassen

Suitable systems for a variety of tasks

The tasks in the field of automotive development are many and varied - so the systems’ tremendous flexibility delivers long-term investment security. The precision power supplies from Heinzinger can be used for various storage or simulation tasks. They are suitable for battery simulation, for example, driving profile tests, or long-term and lifespan tests for batteries used in automotive applications. The behavior in limit areas under extreme environmental conditions can also be reliably investigated and reproducibly tested.

Experienced partner for the automotive industry

Test data plays an important role for the automotive industry. A range of values is collected and evaluated at ever-shorter intervals, and the volume of relevant parameters is growing constantly. As an experienced partner to the automotive industry, Heinzinger therefore uses precision power supplies that are adapted perfectly to the requirements at hand, and which reliably deliver exactly the data required in a user-friendly manner.

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