Electromobility on test

With precision power supplies, every application from voltage supplies to battery tests can be carried out reliably

The automotive industry is on the verge of a breakthrough in terms of electromobility: The industry is working on new solutions to make our mobility eco-friendly and economical with resources. High costs, short ranges and long charging times have in the past been reasons why car buyers preferred combustion engines over electromobility. So car manufacturers, suppliers and service providers are working flat-out to move electromobility forward. The e-motor, and especially the battery, form the focus of attention, since they determine the range and driving behavior.

With precision power supplies, every application from voltage supplies to battery tests can be carried out reliably

From simple power supplies to battery simulation: Heinzinger precision power supplies for all scenarios between 12 and 1,500 Volts

In the domain of electromobility, the possible uses of precision power supplies are especially extensive. How do the vehicle components and the on-board electrical system behave under stress from rapid acceleration or when the vehicle is recovering energy? What happens when the battery is being charged? How often can the battery be discharged and charged without any noticeable reduction in performance? To answer these questions, Heinzinger supplies precision power supplies designed especially for testing rigs. This means that, alongside battery tests and HV checks, battery simulations can also be carried out. Test objects such as inverters, starters and motors, converts, vehicle components and other components can be tested with exceptional accuracy. The voltage classes in such situations range from 12 to 1,500 Volts.

Electromobility - safety first

Realistic battery tests and simulations also ensure that the reliability of electric cars is constantly being improved. Clean, quiet and economical - these are the assets of the ideal electric car. And if the range and reliability fit the bill, then there's nothing to stop the advance of electromobility. Heinzinger’s PTN, GEN, ERS and EVO series deliver precision power units that are ideally suited for the many and varied testing tasks in the development and production of electric cars and power components.

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