Make energy generation and regenerative energies economical

Precision power supplies as a reliable DC supply

Energy generation and energy supplies are issues of major international importance, since fossil fuels are finite. To be able to use regenerative energy from the wind or sun practicably and efficiently, modern energy generation depends on precise and powerful equipment and components.

Energy generation from wind power

With wind power, energy from the environment can be made useful for technical purposes. Whereas in the past the emphasis had been on mechanical energy generation for mills or sawmills, wind power is now primarily being converted into electrical energy. Statistically speaking, around four percent of the world’s energy requirements are covered by wind power plants, and this figure is rising. One of the major challenges for energy generation from wind power lies in the fluctuations in power output from the wind. Power plant management, control technology and monitoring electronics therefore have a very important role to play.

Energieerzeugung durch Windkraft und Solarkraft

Energy generation from solar power

Solar energy is one of the most significant renewable energies and is therefore an energy source for the future. Solar power can be harnessed in photovoltaic installations. Photovoltaic systems use solar cells to convert sunlight into electrical energy. The output of photovoltaic systems starts in the low, single-figure kW range for private rooftop installations, while large outdoor installations are able to generate power in the MW range. The largest installation currently in existence is in China, and has a capacity of 850 MWp. Just like wind power, energy generation from solar power is subject to fluctuations and major peaks.

Making regenerative energies usable for the future

Regenerative energies are accounting for a growing proportion of the world's power supplies. Hydropower plants, biomass power stations, photovoltaic fields and wind turbines are sustainably producing clean energy. The energy systems of tomorrow will differ significantly from the ones we know today. A high reliability of supply, economically sustainable energy supplies and efficient climate protection measures will shape the picture. In order to be able to use regenerative energies in the future, there are still numerous questions to be answered regarding the integration of new technologies. Delivery into power grids, storage options for energy and the coupling of various energy suppliers are at the heart of this matter.

Heinzinger DC power units are ideal for checking, testing, verifying and producing components, assemblies and system parts for energy generation. Heinzinger’s precision power units in the ERS, EVO, PNC, GEN and PTN series are suitable for these applications.

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